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Our Gutter Guarantee

The team at Stan's Roofing consists of fully insured roofing experts. The primary purpose of a building's gutter system is to effectively drain the roof of excess water. The use of effective gutters are crucial to any building, as pooling water is heavy and could cause serious damage to your roof. Inferior gutters will regularly clog with leaves and debris, causing them to be useless and ineffective. If you are experiencing consistent problems with overflowing water during heavy rainfall, it is time to assess your gutters.


Are Your Gutters Working Properly?

By observing your gutters during heavy rainfall, you may notice that your gutters are leaking water down the side of your home, or swelling and bubbling under the weight and pressure of the water. This in turn, can be the cause of a chain of disasters for other elements of the building structure, so the issues must be fixed immediately. Our team is able to perform cleaning, unclogging and even adjusting the slope of your gutters to help ensure your gutters are working sufficiently and efficiently.


In a lot of situations we find your gutters are simply incapable of handling large amounts of water.  In this case, replacement with a more suitable design and a stronger material is necessary. The professional team at Stan's Roofing is highly experienced in installing brand new guttering. Choose from a wide range of rounded or square designs in colors that will accent your home and your roof.


Our professional team of experts are capable of working with any profile of guttering and downspouts. Although aesthetic quality hardly springs to mind when thinking about gutters, the truth is, the wrong design can negatively affect how your home looks. The style of your property, particularly the roof, will assist in dictating the best gutter choice. We are also able to help you with custom gutter guard installation.


For a permanent solution to stubborn guttering problems, give the team of roofing professionals at Stan's Roofing a call at (717) 266-5145. (

Leaf Guards

Clogged and overflowing gutters are a problem affecting many homes throughout the Susquehanna Valley. The Stan's Roofing team understands how frustrating it is to have clogged downspouts and gutters.  We provide a solution to those headaches by installing a leaf guard system. With the installation of a leaf guard system, the problem is easily eradicated.

Our high quality Leaf Guard systems protect your gutters and downspouts from becoming blocked.  By installing a leaf guard system you not only eliminate dirty, clogged gutters, you also eliminate the maintenance of cleaning your spouts and gutters every year.  No longer will you have to brave a rickety ladder to clean out your gutters, because they won’t be blocked. Furthermore, there is no risk of pests like vermin, birds and possums entering your home. Leaf guard systems come in a wide range of colors that complement your outdoor area.

What Makes Us Different

At Stan’s Roofing, we understand customer satisfaction. We never do a job just to "get it done". We want our customers to come away feeling confident about the quality of workmanship and the quality of materials they've received. We understand and thrive on the fact that a happy customer will tell a friend and relative, and when they need our services again, they’ll call. We also take pride in the way we manage our employees.  We understand that a happy employee will do the job right, and not begin to cut corners because the boss was being a little to tough on him. The job will be done right, the first time, and we will stand behind our labor and materials, GUARANTEED.

Dear Mr Gladfelter:

Thank you for a job well done.  I was disappointed that your helpers didn’t knock on our door to say they were leaving.  I wanted to shake their hands and thank them for their hard work and wish them well.

Thank you again, I shall pass a good word for you in the future whenever I can.



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